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> Listing
First let us know more about your wine so as we'll be able, afterward, to add in our basic listing we send on regular basis to our customers in Aisia. For that you need to fill this form and pay a 150 euros/year registration fee, than you have to send samples of your major products (at least two bottles for each product). Don't forget to also communicate us your price (eX cellar)/bottle or bulk units export price in euro.

> Basic campaign
- To 20 major customers (importers, wholesalers) in Greater China emailing or fax campaign (3 emails in one month) in Chinese :
1 country 89,00 euros (Taiwan, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong….) > 3 countries 170,00 euro
- To 20 Japanese major customers (importers, wholesalers) emailing or fax campaign (3 emails in one month) in Japanese 99,00 euros > 200 euros for 50 customers For more than 50 customers in Japan 250 euros.
- To 20 major customers (importers, wholesalers) in one Chinese country and Japan 180 euros. To all Chinese countries and Japan 250,00 euros.
- To 20 Korean major customers (importers, wholesalers) emailing or fax campaign (3 emails in one month) in Korean 99,00 euros
Other Asian countries (Thaïland, Malaysia, Vietnam etc.) 99,00 euros

> Product to door
Campaign with products and products pamphlet( in Asian language translated from your own presentation in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian less than 650 signs) sent over 1 major customer 100,00 euros for one products > 200,00 euros for 3 products to1 customer or 200 euros for 1 products to 3 customers.

6 products to 2 customers for 350 euros only !!

> Direct presentation
To have your wine in presentation on scheduled tasting events (cf. former events for Tokyo or Taiwan) in Asia 400 euros for 2 wines 600 euros for 6 wines. For 12 different wines 900 euros only !!!.
In this formula you need to add presentation translation fees in Asian language (1 > 100 euros less 300 signs in western languages approximatively).

> Full immersion
Participation to fair with our guidance services on the spot and event preparation for an estimate to future salon in France or in Asia please contact us (see major event calendar).

Details & prices for our offers on consulting

> Export diagnosis via Internet or by fax
To make a first evaluation of your situation and the preparation of your products for export, you have to fill up a special form different from the one to present your product. We prepare a 1000~2000 signs long customized analysis on your strength and weakness within ten days > 130 euros, Contact us , we'll send you the diagnosis form (payment in advance is required for this service)


> Consulting in your winery
We take an appointment than come to your winery to spend one full day with you . First we do an export diagnosis (just the same service than the one above with the same rapport issued afterward, but where suppllementary chapters are added). We will do our best to understand your environnement and your wine making tradition while tasting your wines, and also evaluate your own domestic and international commercial experience. We will present you the different commercial and promotionnal opportunities directly linked or not to our own activites. > 470 euros. For a winery producing more than 10 different wines two days consulting are required > only 600 euros.
>>> Let's take an appointment ! (33-1-48 06 10 93)


> M arketing or promotional needs
After visiting your winery we together identify possible marketing needs for you to achieve your export goals to Asia. We will come with internal or external proposal for marketing service. For your promotional needs refer above presentation


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